ASC Member Services
Affiliate Societies Council, Inc.
4801 Springfield Street, Ste 2-23
Dayton, Ohio 45431-1084
937-224-8513, Fax 937-233-0161
ASC Office Hours: M-F 12-4 p.m.
4801 Springfield Street
Dayton, Ohio 45431-1084
937-236-9965, Fax 937-233-0161
Hours: Monday-Friday 8 a.m-5 p.m.
First Saturday each Month 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.
(Except July & August)
    The following services are available to member societies from the ASC Office:
  1. A standardized address. The member society may use the Council's address with all of its correspondence. Mail for the Society may be picked up from a designated mail slot across from the council office during hours that the building is open. Mail should be picked up no less frequently than monthly.
  2. A standardized telephone number. The society may use the ASC telephone number listed above in all of its correspondence. The ASC Office manager will notify the Society Delegate or other designated point of contact of messages received.
  3. a. This service includes telephone answering and information services which will be referred to the society officers.

    b. For an additional $30.00/year, a member society may request a separate business listing of the ASC number in the Ameritech Business White Pages.

  4. A standardized fax number. The society may use the fax number listed above in all of its correspondence. The ASC Office manager will notify the Society Delegate or addressee of FAX messages received.
  5. A standardized e-mail address. The society may use the e-mail address listed above in all of its correspondence. Addressees should be instructed to clearly identify the Societies’ name in all e-mail messages. The ASC Office manager will notify the Society Delegate or addressee of e-mail received.
  6. Link to Member’s Society Home page. The ASC will post member societies’ LOGO and name on the ASC web site home page with a link to the member’s web site home page.
  7. Meeting Reservation Service. The ASC office will take reservations from the membership of its member societies for both board and general meetings. This service includes an alphabetical reservation check-in list, and a email of list to designated contacts. The annual fee for this service is dependent upon the number of reservations anticipated for a one-year period as follows:

    a. Less than 100 reservations/fiscal year = free

    b. From 101-500 reservations/fiscal year = $150.00

    c. Over 501 Reservations/fiscal year = $200.00

    d. This service does not include individual confirmation service, except by email reply.

  8. Meeting Room Reservations. Through the ASC Office only, member societies only may schedule meetings in the Miami Valley Regional Center (MVRC) at 4801 Springfield Street, Dayton, OH 45431.
  9. a. There are seven (7) meeting rooms with standard layouts that are available for members of the Affiliate Societies Council. These must be scheduled through the ASC office at least 3 days in advance. Complete the meeting room worksheet/form and submit it to the ASC Office to schedule a meeting room. The contact person is responsible for care of the room and equipment. Meeting cancellation by telephone to 937-236-9965 is required by 1 PM of the day of the meeting to avoid “NO SHOW” meeting charges. Call the ASC Office to confirm that the meeting was cancelled with the MVRC.

    b. Meals and/or snacks (except for coffee and water which will be provided) may be brought in by members or arranged with a catering firm. The ASC has a list available for member use.

    c. Although it is intended that there is no charge for member society meetings, meeting charges will be quoted if there are extra ordinary requirements such as extended schedule, multiple rooms, Saturdays where the building is not open, etc.

    d. Although the MVRC has scheduling priority for its rooms, there is little chance that members meeting needs cannot be met. Alternative rooms may be assigned by the MVRC.

  10. Additional Administrative Support. Additional administrative support to member societies is available on a cost reimbursement basis. Submit a written task or project description to the ASC office and the ASC Treasurer to obtain an estimate. Include sufficient details to enable a reasonably accurate cost estimate proposal.

  11. Click here for fillable membership form

    Print out form, complete and mail with membership fee to ASC address given at the top of the page.
    All fees subject to change.

    September 2009