TechFest Volunteering Running the TechFestTM program requires the efforts and participation of volunteers from Miami Valley professional societies, area Colleges and Universities, and other technology and science-related organizations in the Miami Valley.As one might imagine, delivering TechFest to the youth of the Greater Miami Valley Area requires the contribution of volunteer time as well as financial resources to make TechFest a success. Please consider committing a portion of your most important resource, your time,to help make TechFest a success. Many hands make light work.

Here are some of the things we need Volunteers to do:

On-Site registration
On-Site Greeter
Packaging and distribution of TechFest information to schools and other agencies
Packaging of on-site handout materials.
Program attendance monitor
Attendance data entry

To obtain information about volunteering and volunteer registration, call and leave a message at

937-224- 8513 or email Office@ASCDAYTON.ORG